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Micro-Computed Tomography

Micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) is a high-resolution X-ray imaging modality, with a voxel resolution on the order of 10 microns. MOINC CC owns a VivaCT 80 micro-CT (Scanco) that is specially designed for analysing excised bone specimens and small animal in vivo scanning. The high resolution allows for quantitative analysis of bone microstructure and density in osteoporotic, metastatic and fracture healing models.


Scanco VivaCT 80 Preclincal MicroCT Scanner

At MOIN-CC, micro-CT is applied to research projects that study the effect of diabetes on bone quality, metastatic lesion progression and binding kinetics. Longitudinal and multi-modal image registration methods are developed in order to study localized changes in bone structure over time and to link skeletal information to functional data.

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