• We are hiring!

    Open postions in our hyperpolarization group led by Prof. Jan-Bernd Hövener: Group leader /...

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  • Hyperquant project is funded!!

      Local powerhouses join forces - a new project “Hyperquant” was recommended for funding! Quantum...

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  • Open position: PhD/Postdoc in hyperpolarization

    We are looking for a new member (PhD student or PostDoc, 3 years) to our hyperpolarization imaging group...

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The paper with the title "Coherent polarization transfer in chemically exchanging systems" by our postdoc Andrey Pravdivtsev was accepted and published! Check it out: https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2020/cp/c9cp06873b#!divAbstract



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