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The Intelligent Imaging Lab at the Section Biomedical Imaging


Founding and future

Artificial intelligence research fields represent key focus areas of the Section Biomedical Imaging (SBMI). The work is performed by the team of the SBMI’s Intelligent Imaging Lab (the "i²LAB"), mostly in cooperation with national and international partners. Our research on AI began in 2018 and today the i²LAB is recognized as a respected player in the field of AI in medicine in Northern Germany. The potential of AI enables efficient translation of basic research into valuable clinical applications, thus facilitating and furthering the exact core aims and work areas of the SBMI (see Background, Mission & Aims).

Funding and major Projects

The collaborative research projects coordinated by i²LAB, are supported by >3.700.000 € of public funding by BMBF and BMWi, including >1.250.000 € for i²LAB, and further support by the CAU and its the Medical Faculty.

Major current projects include:

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  • ARTEMIS with AI applications in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  • KI-RAD as part of KI-SIGS with AI applications in stroke and skeletal trauma
  • RACOON with AI applications in COVID-19
  • SOFIA with AI applications in fracture prediction

Research fields:

The team of the i²LAB researches:

  • AI methods, developing new AI models and imaging methods,
  • AI hardware, assembling a powerful computing framework, centered around the K9 workstation
  • AI applications, to improve diagnosis and prognosis of major disorders such as stroke, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, and COVID-19
  • About AI: perception of AI by doctors and patients and methods to improve its trustworthyness. We aim to help improve acceptance based on transparent methodology, development and validation.


Computerized quantitative analysis of biomedical images uncovers information not recognizable by the human eye. Calibration converts the image’s graylevels into interpretable information about the pathophysiological status of cells, tissue and organs, i.e. the person’s health status.

These procedures can be substantially improved and facilitated by application of artificial intelligence methods and at the Intelligent Imaging Lab of the Section Biomedical Imaging, the i²LAB, we are working on making this a reality.

Mission and Aims

It is the mission of i²LAB to resolve important medical needs by identifying the best-suited imaging technology processed with powerful artificial intelligence methods.

We aim to develop methods

  • for automated, i.e., objective operator-independent, image analysis
  • with highest accuracy and precision
  • preferably non-invasive and with minimal exposure to health hazards

This entails theoretical conception, experimental realization, preclinical testing, translation to clinical application, and epidemiological assessment.

Am Botanischen Garten 14
24118 Kiel • Germany

Tel. +49 (0)431 880 58 32

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