The Intelligent Imaging Lab  @ Section Biomedical Imaging

Team members of i²LAB typically have a background in physics and computer science. However, in order to be successful we need the close cooperation with the multidisciplinary team of the SBMI, including physicians and veterinarians, engineers, molecular biologists and biochemists, and other specialties.

Team spirits starts with understanding the thinking of researchers with other background, in order to exploit synergies at the interface of sciences and medicine.

IIL Team 2021

Team members

Timo Damm, physicist, responsible for the IT of MOIN CC and principal scientist micro-computed tomography, with key projects in the areas of musculoskeletal disorders

Claus-C. Glüer, physicist, head of SBMI, directing research at i²LAB

Jan-Bernd Hövener, physicist, head of SBMI

Johannes Köpnick, biomedical engineer, with key projects in the areas of gastrointestinal disorders and vessel wall imaging

Nicolai Krekiehn, physicist, with key projects in the areas of lung disease and musculoskeletal disorders

Eren Yilmaz, computer scientist, with key projects in the areas of stroke and musculoskeletal disorders

Niklas Koser, master student computer science, musculoskeletal AI topics

Christopher Hansen, doctorand, dental AI


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