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Am Botanischen Garten 14
24118 Kiel

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Eren Bora Yilmaz studied computer science at CAU Kiel. He finished his Bachelor studies within 5 semesters (one semester before the end of the standard period of study). He continued his study and achieved the best Masters degree of the 2018 study beginners. His interests are in the area of neural networks and deep learning in general and explainable AI (XAI) in particular.

Eren is currently doing research in the Intelligent Imaging Lab of the Section Biomedical Imaging at the UKSH in the frame of his doctoral studies. 

Eren joined the team of MOIN CC in May 2020. Here, his research goal is to investigate the reliability of neural networks in the context of stroke and vertebral fracture diagnosis. Eren is part of the KI-RAD project.


Am Botanischen Garten 14
24118 Kiel • Germany

Tel. +49 (0)431 880 58 32

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