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Johannes Köpnick was born in 1989 in Neumünster, Northern Germany. Johannes studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Lübeck, which he finished in 2015 with a Master thesis. The main focus of his thesis was on projectional radiography and image processing and the project was funded by Philips.
In 2015, he joined an engineering team at Philips in Best, the Netherlands, which manufactures and develops imaging components and systems. There, Johannes developed new software for processing of radiographic images. Since 2017 Johannes is working for Philips (Hamburg) where he develops and productizes hardware and software for medical imaging with a focus on radiography and fluoroscopy.
Besides his job at Philips, Johannes wants to explore the opportunities of new image processing technologies. Johannes is a member of the Intelligent Imaging Lab as part of the MOIN CC.
Johannes loves music, being creative, and having fun with friends and family!

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