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Nicolai Krekiehn was born in 1986 on Sylt in Westerland, Germany. Nicolai studied physics at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU), where he received his diploma in physics in 2012. His diploma thesis was about UV/Vis investigations of organic molecules on gold surfaces.

He then worked as a PhD student at the CAU, on switchable organic molecules on surfaces. 

Nicolai Krekiehn joined the team of MOIN CC in August 2020. His main tasks are the coordination of the ARTEMIS project, as well as the application of artificial neural networks to medical imaging.

Nicolai is involved in the A.I. community, e.g. the, where he participates in talks, courses, and meetings, as well as helping to organize and host hackathons.

Am Botanischen Garten 14
24118 Kiel • Germany

Tel. +49 (0)431 880 58 32

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