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Arianna was born in 1990 in Seriate, Italy. Arianna studied chemistry at University of Milano-Bicocca, which she has finished in 2017 with a Master thesis. The main focus of her research work was on the study of exogenous ligand binding to iron-sulfur clusters of NiFe-hydrogenases by applying Theoretical QM-DFT method and Electrochemical (PFV) experiments. At the same time, she became a certified Zen Shiatsu operator.  

In 2017, she started to work as a research assistant in Lyon, France. The position was supported by the ERC funding. The project was focused on the development of new materials for dDNP.

Arianna joined the team of MOIN CC in June 2020. Here, her research goal is to investigate how bacteria evolve during chronic inflammation and to develop and apply innovative imaging methods to characterize adaptive traits by using dDNP technique.

Arianna has a strong interest in Art and in the oriental culture. In 2017, she became a certified Zen Shiatsu operator, which she continues to practice today by performing treatments and trainings. In her free time, she is also doing sports, cycling, and painting.

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